Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Kind Of Easter Outfit

Chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans....Don't ya just love Easter candy? And, this is my kind of Easter ensemble, which pays homage to Peeps, one of my favorite things ever. Not that I eat them — they're kinda nasty (unless they're slightly nuked and tucked between graham crackers and nestled next to a piece of dark chocolate. That's a different story.) Yes, I prefer to wear Peeps rather than to eat them.

But, I love a pretty floral dress, too.

Outfit for egg huntin': Local Celebrity tee, Forever XXI boyfriend jeans, Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) floral flats.
Outfit for brunch with the parents: H&M Garden Collection dress, layered with a Young Broke & Fabulous slip dress because the H&M number is incredibly sheer and somehow I have no slips except for the horribly uncomfortable Spanx kind and Jessica Bennett strappy heels.


Lisa said...

Ha, I love that tee on you! My favorite kind of Peep are those involved in my "illegal" microwave Peep-fighting ring. Kids love it - smelly burnt sugar scent, not so much.

Kcookski said...

sssssshhh....first rule of peeps fight club: you don't talk about peeps fight club! :)

Lisa said...

OMG, you cracked me up there, lady!

And you're right.