Thursday, April 15, 2010

Animal Instincts

Animal prints are in again. Always. Forever.

This season's version, though, pairs the hot print with more slouchy, laid-back styles. Love that. It's a great way to incorporate the ha-cha-cha print into everyday basics — without all the hoochiness. Not that there's anything wrong with hoochiness, but it does have a time and place. Target and the grocery store are not those places.

Michael Stars has some fabulous oversized tees with animal print. They're popular crazy-popular and keep selling out, but has some zebra-print tops worth investigating.


Lisa said...

I think you need to tell some of the ladies I see at my local Target about the wrong times for hoochiness bc I don't think they got your memo - but they really need it.

Kcookski said...

too, too true, ms. lisa. and alas, now that bike shorts are allegedly in again (wth???!?!), i'm seeing more hoochie-in-a-baaaaad-way ensembles.

Desert Flower said...

Hoochi is eternal. There will always be women who display it all.

I love an animal print. Currently obsessed with giraffe :)