Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My brain is officially retired.

My body, however, is not.

This can be kind of a problem. It means I have trouble helping my fourth-grader with math and that I much prefer reading books with pictures to my 5-year-old than actually read an adult book. I love — in those two precious evening hours that I get to call my own after kids are in bed and chores are done — to sit on the splitting-at-the-seams leather couch and veg, watching tv and flipping through fashion magazines and books.

Maybe you do, too.

If so, then you might like the prizes in the Some Hot Dishes latest giveaway contest. Sign up to follow this blog (if you haven't already — a shameless bid to nab at least 50 followers). The next part of your task: Please tell the class about your style. Me? I'd describe mine as schizophrenic/So Cal comfy because I'm all over the fashion map but I always, always, always go for something sumptuously soft. Or a hoodie.

To recap — become a follower if you aren't (if you are, you can still enter, of course) and describe your personal style. A winner will be chosen at random when I return from my relaxing, responsibility-free vacay! You've got until April 11 to enter.

Holy cow, my brain is already in Oregon. I didn't mention what you win: two style books. Score "New York Look Book," which captures street fashions in all their glory, from thigh-high hot-pink boots to an old dude in a tux and tails. The other part of the prize package is Amanda Brooks' "I Heart Your Style," an easy-breezy read that offers up style icons, tips and lots of wonderful photos. Brooks is a fashion consultant who actually gets to put "muse" on her resume. She was the former muse and creative director of Tuleh, which I haven't heard of but I still really think it's cool that she was a muse.


Fashion Court said...
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starla729 said...

i'm a follower too... please enter me
starla729 at yahoo dot com

i'd consider my style classic/preppy.

Lisa said...

I'm in! Follower @ respecttheshoes(at)live.com.

I am trying for casual chic with hints of prep and edge. Key word is trying.

Jessica said...

What a fun giveaway - I'm a follower!

I try to be more fun and unexpected with my wardrobe. But I'm a die hard classic dresser. I can't help it!

Nicole Q said...

I'm a follower. I would say my style is casual but cute - I always like to throw in a little something extra like ruffles or sparkle.


Fashion Court said...

ack, i never answered my personal style! lol. i'm a follower btw.

i love dresses, so i'm typically VERY girly. i like classic looks and it's rare that i'll venture to try something super trendy. i also have my lazy days where i'm fine in a baseball tee and skinny jeans!

Annie said...

I am a follower of your blog! New, but I do love it.

My personal style is simplicity right now. I do love just to keep things simple and let the outfit speak for itself.

Thank you!