Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some people pack up their entire closet for a vacation.

Me? Not so much. I roll the opposite way — the lighter the better.

I like paring things down, and having a carry-on that I won't get charged $200 for. So for my upcoming trip to Oregon, I've managed to get my makeup and clothes down to the essentials. I'm packin' only hoodies and the beauty stuff I can't live without. The one item I have a co-dependent relationship that won't make the trip: my blow dryer. This is an amazing sacrifice. I love this thing, maybe even more than my own children. OK, I do love it more! I admit it!

It's the reason I won't camp. Well, that plus the whole "nature is my toilet" thing doesn't do much for me, either. Some comedian used to joke that he had a house, so why would he want to pretend he didn't have a house? Exactly. But back to my dryer.... The T-3 is amazing and my hair doesn't ever look the same when I use something else. But, it takes up a lot of room with that diffuser attachment, so I'm leaving it behind. I shall miss it.

What I am packing......

In the makeup bag:
• A sample size of MAC's tinted moisturizer. Pretty good. It's got SPF, although I always layer with more, and it's fairly sheer, so it just evens out the skin but doesn't spackle it.
Tarte cheek stain, which is just the best. Blends well and lasts FOREVER.
Anastasia matte brow highlighter just to add a little something to the peepers.
Fresh's Sugar tinted lip treatment. It just adds a touch of color for a natural look and feels so moisturizing. I've actually worn this down to the point that I need to buy another. That never happens with lip stuff — I tire of it before I run out. Good stuff.

As for clothes, I've got a silk-cotton-cashmere blend hoodie (pictured), long fleece hoodie, striped hoodie, a plain purple long-sleeved tee (for variety), jeggings and fleecy leggings.

I think I'm set.

Alas, I won't have phone service or Wifi, so after a good two months of daily blogging, Some Hot Dishes will hit a standstill. But, I will start running a giveaway tomorrow, just to be a good sport.

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