Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zac Posen for Target

As I trolled Target for allergy medicine and gummy vitamins, I was going to ignore the newly racked Zac Posen collection. Then I remembered one dress I wanted to see IRL (the tie-dye mini dress, $30), and I ended up dragging it and another (the chambray sundress on the right) into the dressing room.

I was surprised that this romper-y dress was described as chambray — looks more sea-green and the fabric was stiffer than chambray should be. It was $40, which seems excessive for clothing when you're shopping at Target, but it was well-made. Nice seaming details across the bust, and the self-tie belt had a cool, notched edging running across it. In the end, though, it fit weird at the top and was too tight in the middle and just ended up coming off dowdy with its long length and weird bottom tie.

On the other end of the spectrum was the tie-dye mini dress.

This dress's appeal is its wearability — it easily can be dressier or more casual. Cotton with a smidge of spandex, it's soft and has some good give. I was worried it would be too leotardish and clingy, but it wasn't. Not sure how I feel about the shirt-tail hem. In the dressing room it looked cute. But, I was also playing hide-n-seek and trying not to freak out at my child rolling around and rubbing his face into the dirty carpet. So, I don't think this dress got my full attention. I know it didn't because now that I look at these photos, I'm not sure I'm going to keep it.

Looks cute under the cardi but the "bitched up" look with the booties? Kinda comical. That's what happens when you hurry to get something done and don't really think things through. At least you got your ha-ha for the day.


Desert Flower said...

I like it. I think you're right, you can go casual with it, or make it a bit cooler with edgier accessories. I think there's enough bang for the buck to keep it.

Jessica said...

I adore it and I really think this should stay in your closet. I love it juxtaposed with the classic cardigan for the day look.