Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Easy Being Green (For Your Toes)

I have finally arrived.

I made it to Level 2 on Ulta's ladder of freebie stuff*. No more lame bags of cotton balls (the kind of thing you get on tier 1). Noooo, I scored me free SALON nail polish up to an $8.50 value. That's a pretty good deal.

OPI's "Jade is the New Black" from its recent Hong Kong collection came home with me. The color's a medium green, so it stands out without being as loud as, say, one of the greens from its upcoming Shrek collection. The green's seasonless, too. It'd work in fall or spring. It's a pretty flattering shade to most skin tones, but OPI's site lets you virtually try on the colors, which is cool.

*You can sign up for the Ulta club, which just tracks your purchases. After you accumulate a certain number during a particular time frame, the company sends you a coupon that you can redeem for free stuff. The first level is pretty pedestrian, but the second one has some fairly good prize options. Doesn't cost anything to sign up.


Desert Flower said...

Now that is a zingy color. Should look beautiful with your yellow Cynthia Vincent wedges!

jacquelyn said...

I got that color as my Ulta Level 2 reward, too. I painted both mine and my daughter's toes with it, and once my mom saw it she said it looked like fungus. I beg to differ. Clearly it is not fungus-like at all.

HeidiG said...

So fun. Love it - but it's the wrong shade of green for my skin tone - I need olives, not jades. I am dying to see the new Shrek colors IRL - really wanting Catitude for the summertime!!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

ohh I need to get me to Ulta! I think I am finally Level 2 as well.

sweetsy said...

This looks GREAT on you! Love the fact that it was free, too! Free is good.