Friday, April 30, 2010

WARNING: This Post Contains A Graphic Image That May Be Disturbing to Readers With Fashion Sense

A Very Different Friday Shoe Haiku

O.M.G. What the....?
Only one person should wear...
Frodo the hobbit.

Typically I pull out a pair of my own shoes for the Friday Shoe Haiku. But when an REI catalog arrived for me (boy, I am sooo not in that company's demographic) and I saw these inside, I knew I had to warn the Blog World. They are out there. And — even worse — people are wearing them! I actually saw a parent shuffling around in these at school one day. I stared at his feet the entire time.

I don't care if they are comfortable, they are hideous. Why would anyone intentionally want to look like Big Foot? You know how Crocs have Jibbitz? Would this shoe's version be add-on hair tufts for the big toe?

You know how in those TV shows, the good guys get tortured by having their fingers cut off, or the villains burn lit cigarettes onto their skin? This would be the fashion equivalent.


Crew Cricket said...

Seriously! I forgot where I saw a picture of these, but I think I immediately blotted it out. Thanks for the warning. You are too funny.

Lisa said...

Ohhhhhh .... and not a good "oh" either. I think almost most of us have things against toes and feet (even though we sandal and pamper those hard-working piglets) - so these "shoes" are so very ohhhhhhh ... sick.

Monica said...

Haha! One of my coworkers (I'm a college senior, so is the coworker) decided to wear them to a meeting with the full time staff recently. The meeting didn't start on time because everybody was flabbergasted by the guy's shoes. Even worse, he inspired ANOTHER friend of mine to get a pair himself. So, so tragic.

Jessica said...

I saw a guy wearing these at Starbucks a few weeks ago. I could not stop staring (and scratching my head in wonderment.

Desert Flower said...

My eyes!!!!!