Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Fashion Gods Must Be Crazy

Trolling the World Wide Interweb these past few days has turned up some wacky stuff. The wackiest: sweat shorts that cost upwards of $90.

No joke. They're EVERYWHERE.

What is the world coming to? Sweat shorts have fashion cache?

Intermix has these babies from Monrow ($90). And, I love the Wang man, but these Alexander Wang glorified sweatpant cut-offs are $98! As is this pair that looks suspiciously like my husband's boxer briefs.

As my 5-year-old would say, "What the HECK??!?!?!"


Desert Flower said...


KathyW said...

And as your considerably older friend would say, "WTF!?!"....

Lady Cardigan said...

Um... I was trying to think who would buy these. The ladies on Absolutely Fabulous would if they had a designer label. Can't think of anyone else.