Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mini Van, Mega Fun!

I'm officially old.

My birthday is still a few weeks away, but I'm old. Old, old, old. How do I know this? Because I'm kinda excited about my new car.

It's a mini van.

It's not even my first mini van.

When I first had to start driving one six years ago, with a third kid on the way, it was such a blow to my self esteem. It made me feel uncool. Never mind that every third car on the road was a gold Honda Odyssey and I could never find the right one in the parking lot. It just felt like I was becoming the person I never thought — or wanted — to be back when I was in college. But, you have to make concessions in life, as I discover more and more every day.

So, we have "Crystal." Yes, that's what the kids have named the silver Honda Odyssey.

And while I didn't want the last one, this time around, when it became clear that we needed a newer car, I chose it. It was a combination of having the best, most reliable car guys in town (yay Precision Inc!!) — and you don't walk away from that — along with requiring as much space as possible between kids so no blood is shed on long car rides. Blood stains are really, really hard to get out of carpeting.

Needing lots of seats and a pass-through and a DVD player were all on the list, too.

The one thing I am Snoopy-dancing-with-his-nose-in-the-air happy about is the new car smell. I've already warned the carpool kids that no farting is allowed.

And, I suppose to compensate for driving such a mom-jeans kind of car, I can always dress sluttier.

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HeidiG said...

Ah yes, nothing complements a brand new minivan better than a pair of thigh high boots and a black pleather mini. Dress sluttier, hehehehe.

We had a minivan - and I loved it. The only reason we don't still have it is that it had "issues" that the mechanic could never replicate and I just didn't want to get stuck somewhere with a 1 year old & 3 year old. Nothing is as versatile. And I admit, I thought it was kinda funny how appalled my sister was that I had a minivan.