Monday, April 19, 2010

Product Review: Redken Wool Shake 08

I am nothing if not easily swayed by the marketing of beauty products. A quick mention of
Redken Wool Shake 08 in a Lucky magazine blog post, sent me scrambling to my nearest Ulta, where the "gel-slush texturizer" was indeed available.

The product ($18 at Ulta, hellooooo $5 coupon) is a charming purplish shade — think boysenberry and strawberry daquiri Jelly Bellies merged into one. The smell's unique, too, kind of earthy and floral and almost musky. I liked it, so that's saying something, giving my very low tolerance for aromas. It does dissipate quickly.

How it works: Shake the container well and spray all over at an arm's length.

Wool Shake 08 (love the Seussian-sounding name) is mainly meant for second-day hair, if you ask me. It acts as a texturizer, roughing up the strands and giving volume so that you can pull your hair back and not have it look flat and, well, slept on. It does make hair look matte so a light hand is best.

Straight-haired reviewers have reported nice, beachy waves. My hair's already like that, so I mostly noticed good volume. I'd say it's a replacement for hair powder on those days when you don't feel like shampooing.

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