Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax-Break Specials

Seems like the tax specials this year are fewer and farther between.

I'd swear in previous years, my in-box was overflowing with discounts. Just as well, I s'pose.

There are some good deals floating about, so in case you haven't heard:

Lindsay Lou knocks 35 percent off (and the store offers free shipping) until April 15. Enter "taxbreak35" for the deal.
Fossil's offering 25 percent off and free shipping with coupon code "BP10CRM04" (that's the discount) and "LINKSHARE" (for free shipping). I'm telling myself I don't need this Iris cardigan on sale for $40, plus that extra 25 percent off. That's it, pictured with this posting, in case you don't want to click over.
C & C California has a 30 percent off code site-wide, even the sale section, plus you can register for a $250 shopping spree.
MAC is offering free shipping (code: BUZZ) with any purchase. The new Liberty of London collaboration is out and the packaging is so very cute and the colors are cool. It looks infinitely better than the Target LOL pairing, which was disappointing.

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Anonymous said...

The Fossil 25% off code is invalid. This is a code that was sent out to certain customers for one time use. Once it was used it could not be used again. unfortunately, someone posted their code all over the internet and now everyone thinks they can use it too.