Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun With Jeans

We here at Some Hot Dishes applaud jean companies that can do anything to lighten the mood of jeans-buying, which is about as fun as a root canal. So we proudly present Blank Denim with the first ever Most Entertainingly Named Jeans Award. Some of the, um, injeanious labels:

• The Whoremonger (that would be the faded, ripped pair pictured)
• The Beer Goggles
• The Sloth Cloth
• The Inorganic Stud
• The Useless
• The Spam

Classy! They're jeans made for Lindsay Lohan.

Of course, some of the names aren't particularly polite. Nonetheless, it makes for entertaining online shopping.

Hipster site has a wide selection of Blank Denim. I'm liking Blank's trouser style, which doesn't have a goofy name, but the finish is called "hard on." Kind of rough, but let's be honest, we do feel that strongly about our very favorite, makes-my-butt-look-spectacular jeans, don't we?


Lisa said...

Is it wrong then that I kind of dig the "whoremonger?"

Those guys make any "these jeans will make you look like you're 5'8" with awesome legs and butt?" Because I'd buy those.

Desert Flower said...

Wow, Inorganic Stud. Sounds bad for the planet.