Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku: Risky Business

Some people race cars.
Some people jump out of planes.
I buy final sale.

Shoe n' tell: These House of Harlow 1960 "Samantha" flats had been haunting me for months. I tried to ignore them. Then, slashed the price from more than $100 to $67.50. That's more like it.

The hitch: They were so reduced that they were final sale. No returns — you're stuck, win or lose. I checked the reviews, and the one and only one I saw complained they were narrow. I have wide-ish feet. But there was only one pair left in the pretty tan..... I clicked, I shopped..... I scored. They're perfect. Of course, now that I can chalk one up in the wins column that I'm due for a loss.


Desert Flower said...

Living dangerously! It turned out well though, the sandals are fabulous.

Jessi8a said...

These are so Fab!!! Perfect for tucson heat, will you wear them with tights or socks in fall?