Thursday, August 11, 2011


Symmetry is overrated.

Things don't have to be equal. You don't have to have two bookends flanking your favorite reads. Or two perfectly even ears.

Of course it's taken me years of therapy and psychotropic drugs (and three kids) to adapt my thinking. Just kidding — actually it was last season's asymmetrical hemlines that did the trick.

It's OK if things are slightly askew. This outfit is evidence: The Factory tee has ruching at one shoulder and then opposite along the bottom. The necklace has way more beads on one side than the other. The James Perse fishtail skirt hangs longer in the back. If I left my head on these pictures, you'd see how Picasso-ish my eyes are, too.

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Desert Flower said...

The tee is even more fabulous on.