Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku: The Switcheroo

I wanted the white
But instead I got brown sneaks
Hmmm, to keep or not?

Shoe n Tell: So, recently one of my sale alerts had these kickin' Ugg Evera sneakers on sale for $30. They're still the full-price $100 on pretty much every site. I jumped at the shopportunity. I have no white sneakers! They'll be perfect for summer!

When the Bloomies package arrived, though, the shoes were brown, brown, brown. Wha? I immediately checked my invoice — no color mentioned, but the photo was of those pearly whites. I contacted customer service. The upshot of the the store's response (which took FOREVER to arrive): You're stupid. That's what you ordered.

I was all set to repack 'em and send 'em back, just on principle. Bloomies was misleading — it only showed pictures of white and gray sneaks, but the color choices were "chestnut" and "pewter." Well, there were tan accents on the white shoe, with all the wacky color names, who's to know that chestnut referred to a totally different, not shown, color. So there ya go — this is a two-fer: Be careful when you're ordering online.

But, I made the mistake of sliding my feet into the shoes. Nice arch support, wooly inside around the ankle and tongue. Dammit, I might need to keep them after all. Even if I do, I promise to still be bitter at Bloomingdale's.


Desert Flower said...

I have to say, as much as I like the light colored ones, the brown are fabulous.

Jessi8a said...

to keep...or i will buy off you :)