Friday, August 19, 2011

New Stuff Week: The Friday Shoe Haiku

I love a good sale
Especially one this great
Red lines are pretty.

Shoe n' Tell: I've been known to save price tags when things are seriously marked down. I s'pose it's the shopper's equivalent of a deer head mounted above the fireplace — but quite frankly, a red markdown is a much more impressive souvenir.

I was at a local boutique, checking out the regularly-scheduled sale, when a bonus special started: $50 for any and all pairs of shoes. These would be Elizabeth and James wedges, bitches. See the box? They cost more than $400. Oh, snap. Not only do these come with a fancy-schmancy box, they have their very own dustbag. I am not worthy of such Olsenness.

They are paired with an equally cheap ($14 at second-hand store Buffalo Exchange) Calvin Klein denim dress.

Doesn't that last picture seem kind of arty? Yeah, it's really the result of a 6-year-old photographer being unable to handle a heavy SLR camera.

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Desert Flower said...

These sandals are amazing! A perfect neutral color too, they will go with everything and be wearable for years. I love the denim dress, it has such a pretty shape.