Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yay for September!

September's really never done much for me.

I mean, it's still wicked hot (100-plus. Blech.), and school's already underway. There is that nice little Labor Day holiday, but really, it's no great shakes.

Well, that is, until I realized a few years back that it is THE month for fashion mags. Yes, I know, I shouldn't admit I'm that late to the party.

It's been fun getting the mail every day and discovering the 15 pounders crammed into the black box. Of course the traditional fashion favorites are fun to flip through, but they are just not realistic. At least not for this mom who has one private school tuition to pay. If I see those Miu Miu glitter heels one more time......

The magazine I consistently enjoy? People Stylewatch. It's real and features a good mix of high/low. Plus there are usually good discounts and giveaways featured in the back (yes, better than what Lucky offers).


Desert Flower said...

I agree, unrealistic. But such fun reads! Although not really "reads". What is the word for looking at the pictures?

jacquelyn said...

Marie Claire was huge letdown this month. I flipped through it for maybe 15 minutes then was done. I was surprised that Lucky was smaller than Style Watch. Of course Lucky's readership has declined along with its ad revenue, while Style Watch has increased in both areas. Marie Claire has has significant losses in both categories, too. I know way too much about the magazine business.