Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku: Goin' Geriatric

I am gettin' old
It has to be official
Because I like these.

Shoe n' Tell:
These Dansko clogs are starting to look good to me. They do have the leopard print, so maybe they're less stodgy? Not as Nurse Ratched?
All I know is that cold weather is maybe, possibly, coming and I don't have any closed brown shoes with a little bit of heel to wear with my many, many pairs of jeans. When it comes down to it, I don't wear (or like to wear) high heels that much. Seems the practical thing to go with a mid-heel. Plus, everyone swears these are the most comfortable thing ever.


KathyW said...

Buy them right now - they're adorable. I may have to be a copycat and get myself a pair.

KathyW said...

Oh dear, I just noticed the title of your post. I'm crushed :(

Kcookski said...

i threw this together quickly, kw - what i meant to say was "goin' sensible." really, really. remember - i am contemplating them. :)

KathyW said...

Don't contemplate - get them, K. We can be (geriatric) twins. And "sensible" is a bit better but not much. I like to call them cute and quirky.

Desert Flower said...

Hey, sometimes we just want our poor dogs to be comfortable. I think the leopard keeps them from looking like nurse gear, as does the little bit of a heel.