Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strange But True: A Pillow For Your Boobs

Now, I'll admit I have some weird concerns when it comes to my appearance. I'm worried about my hands looking old, a double chin and jowls and the skin on my neck looking like a 150-year-old tortoise's. I worry about my ear lobes getting saggy.

This is all aside from the usual butt and gut issues, which I obsess about constantly.

But I've never, ever worried about the effects of aging on my almost non-existent chest. Perhaps I should. Check this out. It only looks like a stuffed uterus. This gizmo is really..... a pillow for your boobs.

The Intimia Breast Pillow ($59.95) is meant to be worn at night and straps around your neck and upper chest. It's supposed to prevent dents in the decolletage. If you ask me, it just gives your spouse an easier way to kill you in your sleep when you piss him off. Just wrap that top strap tight around the neck and hello, second wife and golf every Saturday!

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I need to go check my chest in the mirror.


Desert Flower said...

I've seen some wacky things but this takes the cake. Can you imagine how uncomfortable?! My grandmother slept in her bra and swore it kept the bosom perky, so maybe there's something to it.

gigiofca said...

this is funny!