Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Tale of Two Skirts

I shop online. A lot.

So you'd think I'd be, well, smarter.

For instance, this cute, uneven hem skirt looks pretty darn adorable. It was $14.80 at Forever XXI and there was a free-ship code, so I snapped it up. Trouble was, I didn't pay attention to the fabric content — 100 percent rayon.

Now, in a drapey, oversized shirt, 100 percent rayon is a beautiful thing. In a clingy skirt, it can be — no exaggeration — tragic. When I turned around and looked at my butt in the mirror, I could identify each of the 13 mini Oreos I'd eaten two days before. Yikes.

Back it went. In its place, I found this great knee-length, cotton skirt (Product code 2000026852) for $7.50. It has a wide waistband, plenty of give and is thick enough to conceal any and all mini Oreos.

Outfit: Elizabeth and James top (an example of good 100-percent drapey rayon); Forever XXI skirt; H&M wedges.

1 comment:

Desert Flower said...

F21 is hit or miss too. Sometimes they hit it out of the park, other times you wonder who conceived of the devil garment. Loving the drapey E&J top!!