Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Linen Pants Replacement

OK, so first off, is that not a great band name? The Linen Pants Replacement? LPR, for short. I am trademarking that now.

An earlier post detailed the summer search for linen beach pants. That search failed miserably. Then I wised up. Hey, who wants light-colored linen pants anyway? The overly long hems will get frayed and in mere seconds the white would no longer be white. So instead I went for denim pants that give off that same beachy vibe — without the high maintenance. These Textile Elizabeth and James drawstring jeans are every bit as soft and lightweight as linen pants and infinitely more styleable.

Outfit: Project E T-shirt; Textile Elizabeth and James "Collins" slouchy jeans; Simple "Satire" sneaks.


Desert Flower said...

They look super comfy, I love the color of the denim!

gigiofca said...

those are cute and i like the big pockets