Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Uptown Sweatshirts

Nothing is snugglier than a sweatshirt.

But sweatshirt doesn't mean plain and boring PE gray. The latest generation of tops is uber hip. So even though fall is still, sadly, weeks and months away, a girl can dream....of thick, soft sweatshirts and chilly nights.

If that nip in the air ever comes....

Dolan Reversible Shearing sweatshirt ($163)

Gypsy 05 Connect off-the-shoulder sweatshirt ($121)

Dolan Slouch Sweatshirt with split sleeves ($80)


Desert Flower said...

I dream of fall. That sweat shirt with the zippers is so cool, I may need that.

Shoes Online said...

Love these looks! perfect for everyday.