Thursday, September 15, 2011

RMS "Un" Cover-up

Years ago, I purchased my first real, expensive "big girl" foundation. It was from Estee Lauder and I went to the makeup counter and got complexion matched and everything.

I wore it proudly to work on Monday only to have a coworker (male) ask me if I felt OK.

"Yeah, why?"

"You look kinda pale," he said.

Damn. So much for that.

Ever since I've been obsessive about matching my foundation perfectly. I check in the nasty makeup counter lighting (Why does it always suck? Don't they want you to buy stuff and be happy with it?) and go outside to make sure it really, truly is the right shade. This is trickier now that I'm doing the green cosmetics thing, and most of the products I order are online. Try color-matching off a monitor. Tough.

The nice people at RMS Beauty, though, happily sent me samples of its "Un" Cover-up ($36) in all shades to see which best suited me.

If you're not familiar with this line, this is the makeup that Gisele wears. Yeah, I spread some on and I didn't look into the mirror and see a luscious supermodel staring back. Still, I love this light foundation.

You use your fingertips to smooth on the smallest amount. The warmth of your skin helps the makeup melt in and blend. You really only need a teeny amount to cover up any imperfections. The result is your skin — only better.

Don't let the small container scare you, this stuff lasts a long time. I got some major mileage out of my mini samples.

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