Monday, September 12, 2011

Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment: A Sheer Red For Wusses

So, if I were a spy, and I got captured by some foreign baddies, the way to torture me would be to threaten to withhold my beauty products and one in particular — tinted lip balm by Fresh.

I first fell in love with the Rose Tinted Lip Treatment (a lovely deep pink). Then I adored Plum (a sheer, deep berry). Now the new fav is Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 ($22.50). This is a true red for people who, to kinda quote Jack Nicholson, "can't handle a true red!"

A swipe of Passion leaves the most perfect sheer red wash. It polishes a day look and is still black-tie appropriate, too.

The best thing about Fresh's tinted balms is that they're freakishly moisturizing, more so than any other tinted balm I've tried. If I put Rose on before bed, my lips feel hydrated in the morning. It's true. Another added bonus, is that you can apply any of these mirror-free — no worries about looking like the Joker.


Desert Flower said...

Its the perfect red. Of course, it helps that your lips are a gorgeous color to start with. A sheer sweep of color is all you need!

Hexicon said...

I haven't tried the Passion but I had to give up the Rose because I loved it so much I was using up a tube every three weeks!