Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stiff Stuff

On a daily basis, approximately 213 emails flow into my inbox.

I always tap my name onto those email lists — especially the expensive online shopping sites — because who knows when an amazing code may come through that might make it possible to buy that overpriced item I can't live without.

One site — very well curated — never fails to make me laugh when its emails come through. Ssense has all these fancy-schmancy designers with crazy price tags, so you'd think they'd want their stuff to look appealing so that people would, ya know, cough up the credit card and buy it. But they manage to make each and every clothing item, even the flowy boho stuff, look so stiff. Check out those poses — it's like the models graduated from the Rigor Mortis School of Modeling.


Desert Flower said...

First of all, you get way more emails than me. Wow.

Yes, the Ssense models crack me up. It's like they're being made to model at gun point.

The Outfit of the day said...

I love to read your posts, it's always fun with a point of view!