Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Jewelry Trend

This is the year of the flower.

Sweet blossoms are popping up on all kinds of jewelry, mostly necklaces. The trend is perfect for spring, of course.
Anything from metal flowers to silk ones are showing up at Anthropologie and beyond.

When it's done well, the look is amazingly cute. When it's not, it looks like the Michaels floral department threw up around your neck.

Here's an example of the trend done well.

A Tucson jewelry designer, Blissful Epiphany, makes simple, elegant flowers using an unexpected material — leather.

Normally when you think of leather jewelry, probably images of thick, studded cuffs come to mind. So not the case here.

This imported Italian leather is thin and soft as melting buttah. The gold color has enough punch for evening but manages to be subdued enough for daytime office looks. Celeste, the artist, recently got this distressed silver leather, too, that's also quite wonderful. Aside from her Etsy store, you can find Blissful Epiphany jewelry at Bohemia, 2920 East Broadway, in Tucson.

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