Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, Resolutions Fini

Day 2 into the new year, and I'm done with the only resolution I made — to get my stuff in order.

Specifically, my jewelry.

After years of not wearing anything but my wedding ring, I rediscovered the joys of jewelry (now that the kids are big enough not to tug on things and put beads into their mouths. Well, at least two of them are over that. I'm taking my chances with the third). I've amassed a good collection, so much that it was overflowing the dresser and my giant jewelry box. I started hanging chains off the bedroom light sconce, which was clever but looked kinda trailer trash-ish.

With some help from a friend, I came up with the idea of a necklace board. Pretty spiffy, isn't it? Now I'll admit that I thought of the visible storage system over the summer, when I was home with a broken foot. Found a chandelier decal on and ordered it. Then, I did nothing. Oh wait, I did ask my husband to go to Home Depot and get me some multi density fiberboard, or some such stuff. That took him a month.

Then, I did some more nothing.

Well, I got off my duff Thursday and made a trip to Home Depot for cabinet knobs, all three children in tow. Amazingly, everyone made it out alive. I nearly strangled at least two of them on several occasions. After a few coats of paint left over from our bathroom remodel, I now have this.

Of course, it's still waiting to be hung. I'm optimistic.

Phase 2 of Orderly Jewelry meant buying this acrylic, tiered bracelet stand off eBay for my many, many bangles. If they're out in the open, it'll be easier to accessorize.

Oh yeah, and I'm even cleaning out my closet, trying to get rid of stuff.

And this is why I burn out before January has even ended.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea, it's so creative! I like the idea of the bracelet stand, but I prefer wood. I found a I gorgeous jewelry armoire on They have lots of different styles, and each one is more beautiful than the next. It has been really helpful in organizing my jewelry. Power to you for the plowing through your resolutions!

Joe Sally said...

My 2010 resolution was to no longer be the subject of snarky references on my loving wife's blog. Guess I blew that one ... I did mount the board, though. I also would like to boast about the shiek, plywood-hugging 5/8" #8 Philips-head machine bolts I found at Ace Hardware for this project. Sure I paid full retail - 10 cents apiece; a splurge! - but they grip those dark bronze knobs in a loving embrace.