Monday, January 11, 2010

Lounging Around

I'm craving lounge pants.

Can't explain this unusual obsession. Perhaps it relates to Wii Fit thinking I'm 50 years old? (See previous post "Santa is an SOB.")

More likely it's because I read about a Lucky magazine staffer adoring her Keep Me pants. Ah, the power of suggestion. So naturally, I went a-Googling. Found 'em.

They're $70.

If I had a reality TV show and people were always up in my grill, then perhaps I would pay that much. But, no one here cares what I wear. Also, my husband will be happy to hear this, I do know when to draw the line, and $70 lounge pants are excessive. Although, they do look supremely comfortable.

At Target, I snooped through the jammies and came across some Gilligan & O'Malley sleepwear. A pair of black, smooth-elastic-waisted, wide-leg pants caught my eye. Could they be as wonderful as a $70 pair? I checked the "ingredients" label. Mostly modal with just a smidge of spandex. They felt like buttah. They were $15. Sold.

Now, if you go to Target to find these — and you should — be careful. There's a more expensive version with a drawstring. Not a fan of the drawstring. Makes it look like you have a belly-button hernia if you don't tuck in your shirt, and I never tuck in my shirt because I've had three kids and can't afford the $8,000 for a tummy tuck.

So, hellooooo Gilligan & O'Malley. When the TV crew arrives for "The Kristen Show," I'll bet the audience won't even guess I'm in bargain-basement lounge pants.

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Desert Flower said...

And now I know why you were at Target yesterday. Good find.