Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Mousse Has Me Whipped

So, this morning I had a wonderful hair epiphany that had me in a great mood, which was quickly squashed by difficult Middle Child, who made me want to start drinking. Alcohol. At 8 a.m.

But before that, I was excited because I'd bought this David Babaii Amplifying Whipped Mousse months ago. The print ads had just come out with Kate Hudson and there was all this buzz about his stuff. I bought it cuz I am easily swayed by a cool marketing campaign and because I kinda look like Kate Hudson — in the chest, anyway.

So anyway, the stuff had been sitting on the bathroom counter because I have a lot of hair products vying for my attention. Today, I rubbed in some of the whipped creamlike mousse. It smells faintly of pina colada. Then, I do what I do every morning — which is run around getting three kids ready for school and in between, stealing sips of breakfast (coffee, not alcohol). When I realized that blow-drying had yet to take place, I was pleasantly surprised to see my hair drying nicely, wavy and actually presentable. Now, I think those hairdressers who profess that you should be able air-dry your hair and look fabulous have been sniffing too much hair spray. But, 3 minutes of blow-drying (instead of the usual 20) and my hair looked decent. About the same as if I'd done the full-blown process.

Now, was it the mousse? Was my hair just cutting me a break because Middle Child wouldn't? Guess I'll find out tomorrow when I try the experiment again.

You can find David Babaii products at many drugstores. I picked mine up at Ulta, with a coupon, of course.

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