Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kicking the Crew Habit

Hi. My name is Kristen. I'm a recovering Crewaholic. My last J. Crew purchase was two months ago — a full-priced pair of Minnie pants. They were worth every penny.

Though I'm on the road to recovery (I — gulp — cut up my Crew card), I felt serious temptation to shop there again when I put on the Minnie pants yesterday. You see, they're skinny. Really skinny. Size 2*. They fit even after holiday binges in which I ravaged copious amounts of peppermint bark like I was Jennifer and the sweet, sweet candy was a juicy boy.

Yes, that stretchy material is magic. Magic.

To further add to my distress, the Crew, like a bartender offering an alcoholic one on the house, sent me a catalog. I may have even peeked at the Web site after an e-mail alerted me that new, shiny things had arrived.

I must remember the bad stuff: J Crew's exorbitant shipping charges; how you must spend $500 to earn a measly $25 reward card. The infamous final sales (buy — but you can't return!) are the equivalent of consumer waterboarding. And, just plain mean.

Hopefully my willpower fares better on this than my "no more shopping online" goal.

* No, I'm not that big of a sucker, I know J. Crew does some serious vanity sizing, but it still makes me feel good. I am nothing if not a total girl about such things. As you can see from the photo — I am not that small. But, in my defense, my photographer is 9. I don't think shooting from her angle is especially flattering for moi at all. And, it is really hard to pose — when you are not a trained professional — and not look fat.

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