Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hellllooooo, New Billing Cycle!


Do you hear that rapid, thumping sound? It would be my heart, racing and anxious with anticipation over the new credit card cycle, which starts tomorrow. My head is going to explode. Things I'm loving right now (and may contribute to me getting a second job):

B Makowsky purse. Love this bag, love it. If you have not yet discovered the joys of B Makowsky, let me fill you in: real, incredibly soft leather (better than many high-end brands) at reasonable prices. The styling is simple, but the tie-dye gives it that extra edge.

Simple shoes. I know I have three pairs of these already (solid black, pink checkered and blue checkered), but these are GRAY. My new favorite color! They'd be a fun alternative to basic black and add a softer look.

Splendid poncho. This poncho fixation I've developed is quite weird. But, this just looks so snuggly. Would it bug me that my arms aren't completely covered? I don't know.

Haute Hippie cowl-necked vest. Now here's a great idea — a loose-fitting, slouchy vest to layer over form-fitting dresses and tees. Is there a better way to hide those not-quite-six-pack abs? I think not. I originally saw this styled with a sleek, striped dress. Darling.

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