Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DIY Highlights

When I was a kid, I had a fairly vicious hair cycle. I'd grow my hair out, get bored and beg my mom for a haircut. She'd chop it all off, and then horrified by what I'd done, I'd beg for a perm. At-home perm kits in the '70s were nasty things. I'm fairly sure that anything that could fry hair so seriously was probably carcinogenic, too. Definitely smelled it.

I've mellowed considerably about the hair. After all, it does grow. Time cures any too-short haircut. I decided to try an at-home highlighting kit because, after all, how badly could things go wrong?

Turns out, things worked out just fine. Do highlights look better professionally done? No doubt, but my $5 Garnier Color Breaks kit did what I wanted it to — made it harder to find gray strands.

The kit's pretty straight-forward: Mix cream with powder and use this Easy Bake Oven-looking spatula-mascara wand combo to stir it up. Then, you use the mascara wand to coat sections of hair. It's easier said than done, quite frankly. The instructions call for thoroughly coating the hair, and occasionally a blob would drop off. The trickiest part is that once you start, you can easily lose track. I ended up running out of patience and just haphazardly coating chunks across the top of my head.

The highlights aren't that bad. And, the kit probably saved me $95.

Find Garnier Color Breaks at Ulta and drugstores.

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