Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Confession/Cool Web Site to Surf

So, I may not have been entirely truthful about my new year's resolutions. Yes, I wanted to organize up at least one little part of my life (see previous posting "New Year, Resolutions Fini"). But, I also thought/am still thinking about — but didn't say out loud — an online shopping ban.

Excuse me for just a minute.

Joe? Dear husband? Is that you laughing? Stop. Now.

I'm serious about a buying blackout. I do the vast majority of shopping online because I have kids and well, it sucks the life force out of me to take them anywhere let alone a boutique I really, really like and don't want to get kicked out of.

The convenience of computer browsing can't be beat. Plus, the Internet plops the entire world of fashion and shopping right onto my laptop. I LOVE that. See it in People Stylewatch — find it on a random Web site just by Googling "plaid tunic."

But, you can't see the lusted-after item in 3D. Can't feel it. Can't really tell if the color is a true representation. I've just returned three of my last four online purchases. Just didn't like the stuff once I saw it in real life.

I so adore online shopping, but the inability to try stuff on is crippling. I also feel incredibly guilty about not patronizing local stores as this economy continues to swirl the bowl and make life so much harder for business owners.

So, I've been thinking about this change for a good month. That said, one package arrived today — in my defense, it's a brand of jeans I already own. I have another coming because, dammit, Need Supply Co. is ruining my attempted resolution.

I just discovered the Richmond, Va. (I know! So random)-based Web site. It's fab. A little girly like Anthropologie, a little edgy like Urban Outfitters with nearly Forever XXI prices. I bought this smooshy bag and this sunglasses T-shirt because even though a Hilton sister (the less-offensive one) has been spotted wearing it, it's still incredibly cute. I've been lusting after a more expensive Sauce version for a few months.

The site is positively addictive. Just like online shopping.

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