Saturday, January 23, 2010

Signature Scent

I don't care if I sound like an 1800s prospector, I'm gonna say it anyway — eureka! I found it! My signature scent — I finally found it!

It's called Pure Soap, and it's from the Demeter Fragrance line, those folks known for the single-note, spot-on scents that capture smells like pink grapefruit or Jolly Rancher candy. I found it at Ulta. The best part: It was only $20.

My scent search has been a long one, ever since my nose became as sensitive as a blood hound's. Years ago, I used a power sprayer to fully douse myself in Beautiful or Sunflowers or Eternity. Then I got pregnant. And I got pregnant again. Then, I got pregnant yet again. Each time, my sniffer grew more sensitive to any and all scents, good or bad (there are photos of me wearing a full-on respirator to change a diaper).

So, I've had a hard time finding perfume I like. But, I still like it. Still want to wear it. I'm envious of my friends who can spritz it on and not gag in 10 minutes.

I've always lamented the lack of a fragrance that didn't just smell like soap. Well, now there is one. It's not completely soapish, you can still tell that it's perfume. It's just that this is a nice, light, completely unoffensive scent. I'm constantly huffing my wrists now. Three days later, I still like it. Here's hoping I don't turn on it.

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fashions and fancies said...

I completely understand your sensitivity towards smells. I can't wear regular perfumes either...I think mine's got something to do with the Fibromyalgia- it kind of heightens all your senses (light, sound... smell) I use Philosophy's "Pure Grace" and it's the only one I've found in a long time that doesn't give me a headache. Next time I go to Ulta though, I'll give yours a sniff:)