Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad Trend, Bad Trend! Go Away!

Fashion trends come and go — and then come back again. Really, some should just stay away. I'm talking specifically about harem pants. I mean, c'mon. How can anyone — who's not 1980s MC Hammer — go for this? How can a baggy crotch be sexy to anyone? Yet, the look is EVERYWHERE. Some people seem to think it is hot, hot, hot. To me it says, 'Hey, I'm totally stealing snack cakes from Circle K and hiding them in my pants and no one knows! Want a Chocodile?"

Look No. 2 that I just can't rock: socks and sandals. I have seen it done well, but I just can't go there. It's practical — a good way to stay warm while still strutting around in cool shoes — but I just don't think I can pull it off. Plus, it makes me think of my fashion-challenged elementary school years, when I did do stuff like that. My younger brother and I also wore matching overalls and red-bandana-print shirts that my mom made us. That's another look I don't plan to sport again.


Lisa said...

Perhaps someone should think of creating harem pants with a crotch pocket - then fashionable gals on the go can forego the bulky purse!

Kcookski said...

lol! it would be the new fanny pack!

sweetsy said... B-A-D!!

Anonymous said...

J.Crew keeps trying to promote the sock with the pretty shoe look and--it looks---sooo frumpy--even the models "barely" look decent with this look.