Saturday, February 27, 2010

Slim Lipstick That's Phat

The older I get, the more I shy away from lipstick. I dunno why.

Maybe it's that I prefer the lower maintenance and more moisturizing lip balm, or maybe it's because I end up buying pretty much the same shade all the time.

I think, actually, that it may be that I'm old enough to realize that my lips are a decent shade and they look best mostly left alone.

Whatev. I've been collecting balms and lip stains like nobody's business. So many tubes and pencils clutter up my huge makeup tackle box that it's hard to find things anymore. While rummaging one day, I unearthed a slim, shiny black tube of MAC's Slimshine lipstick in "Bare," a lovely pale pink-nude shade. I eagerly twisted up the tube. It had been used to much that I had to mash a lipliner brush down inside to get out every last bit. But I did.

So, I actually had to rebuy a lipstick. That has never happened. Usually, I tire of it and junk the tube.

What's so great about the Slimshines ($14.50) is that they are lipstick-y, in that they deposit a fair amount of color, but they're quite hydrating, too. They have enough shine that you can skip the gloss, and they're slim enough that it's easy to do a no-look roll on.

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sweetsy said... this. I have this one, too! But word to the case you didn't know..MAC recycles their packaging (don't "junk the tube")! Bring in 6 containers and you get to pick a free lipstick, gloss or eyeshadow:) The best incentive them even more for this.