Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vextoria's Secret

Oh, Victoria, you minx.

You always suck me in with your offers ($10 off any purchase $10 or more! Free shipping!), and then I'm invariably disappointed when I order.

When Victoria's Secret is good, it's very, very good. As in this fabulous
French cuff shirt, which typically sells for under $30. It's a great fabric with some stretch so it looks form-fitting but not slutty (sometimes an issue with VS items). It's the kind of thing you order in triplicate.

When VS is bad, it blows. Hard.

I was completely enamored of this wide-sleeved sweatshirt. It drew me in with the promise of soft fleece and adequate butt coverage for leggings. Doesn't it just beg to be worn while curled up on the couch with InStyle magazine? Yeah, notice how I, in my red top, look nothing like that come-hither model from the Web site. It was only $15, so it's not worth it to send back. But that's one of the frustrating problems with Victoria's Secret — what you see often isn't what you get. The views of pieces online rarely show front and back options, you just get a bigger image of some sexy chick with floatation-device boobs, mouth slightly agape because the clothes are so tight she can't quite breathe.

One of our VS outposts has a fair amount of Pink clothing, the casual line geared toward the collegiate set. It ought to add even more clothing. This is stuff that definitely must be tried before buyed. In the meantime, order online with caution. You've been warned — by the chick dressed in a giant red pillow case.


Lady Cardigan said...

Oh, my goodness, that red top is hilariously awful. I'm sorry you got taken. I just received a Victoria's Secret catalog today and was wondering if they'd improved their clothes. I guess not!

Ady said...

Wow! That top is so bad! I am warned!

Desert Flower said...

Okay, that looks really bad. Nothing like the picture. You could fit three people in there with you.

sweetsy said...

Do you have any young chilrin' you are looking to smuggle..I mean, snuggle and keep warm?