Monday, February 22, 2010

Mix 'n Match

When Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart tried to explain hard-core porn he said, "I know it when I see it."

Well, same goes for the successful pairing of patterns.

I can't really explain it, but I recognize it when it's well done. Lately all the fashion mags have had spreads (and matching patterns happens about once an episode on "What Not to Wear"), and it can look really cute. I just don't have the confidence to do it.

Now, take this Michael Stars match that recently had on its site. I think I know why it works: The clothes share some — but not all — of the same colors and the stripes are quite thin so they balance out the bolder zebra print. I think.

I tried to pull off the same trick with this Target cardigan and Express top. It comes close, but I'm not sure it successfully mirrors the original.

Yikes, looking at it on the screen, it doesn't quite work. The stripes are too wide, and the camisole pattern too busy. It kinda makes my eyes hurt. Maybe with the cardi buttoned up, this ensemble might work?

Hmmmmmmm. Back to the closet.


Lisa said...

I actually kind of like your stripy-animal print combo. I don't think blank and white can go wrong (famous last words for me).
Now, just please PLEASE don't do those harem crop pants ...

sweetsy said...

I agree...this works for me.