Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crappy Nailpolishers (Like Moi), You'll Love This

My toes never go naked. Never. They look so much better with polish. My fingernails, though, are another story. If I even dare to inhale after brushing the polish on, it smears. And that's after my nails already look like a blind monkey suffering from spasms painted them. With a roller brush. Yes, it is truly that bad.

But, Sally Hansen Natural Shine — despite its incredibly toxic smell — is a handy product for people like me.

It comes in clear and a very subtle pink tint and dries pretty much on contact. The natural shine isn't as wet and glossy-looking as a top coat — rather, it gives your nails a just-buffed look. A few coats makes them look, well, polished.

If you're completely inept at slicking color on those fingers, this is the stuff for you. It costs about $6 and is available at Ulta and drug stores.

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sweetsy said...

Oh so good to know!! I am JUST like you and NEED THIS...running out the door now;)