Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Shoes To Love

Three words: Come to Momma!

These Ash wedges are called "Lovely."


The studded gladiator style walks that line between edgy and sexy. I love how it's covered, but has all those skin-bearing cut-outs. And, since it's a platform wedge, it's quite walkable. Even for me.

They'd toughen up boyfriend jeans, denim cut-offs, even skinnies or a simple T-shirt dress.

Alas, they are $230. If they drop to at least 75 percent off (hey, it could happen), I am sooooo gettin' those.


Lisa said...

Holy gladiator tough chick shoe. These are the kind of footwear I can only imagine wearing - because my clumsy but would be all over the place.

sweetsy said...

I wanna see the ass-kicking outfit you are planning to wear with these;) Lol!