Wednesday, February 24, 2010

These Boots are Made For Voguing

Something unique happens here in the Southwest this time of year.

It's called — cue the whistle-y western music here — rodeo. That would be ro-DEE-oh and not ro-DAY-oh, as in the chi-chi drive in Beverly Hills. No, this ro-DEE-oh doesn't involve high-priced duds and ladies who lunch and drive Mercedes Benzes. This one is dusty and sorta stinky and involves children riding scared sheep. It's not really my thing.

School is out for two days, and horses pulling wagons clop across the street for the parade. People pull out their boots and hats and Western-wear shirts. I'm fine with that, but it's just not a look for me. Pairing cowboy-ish boots (amazing blond Jessica Bennett boots) with something girly, like say, a J. Crew ruffled cardigan, J. Crew cherry blossom necklace and an army-green James Perse tank dress is more my speed. Urban cowgirl, perhaps?

Another possible rodeo look is the cheeky, Forever XXI boot T-shirt (if you've ever tried to search for something on F21, you know what a nightmare it is. Here's the product code: 2073632823). How cute is that? And, it's only $13.

Apparently, shoe lust is big this month at the knock-off emporium extraordinaire (and rightly so). Look at all the other cute shoe tees! Sneakers (product code: 2074079421, $14), flats (product code: 2074879737, $13). I bought the high heels shirt ($9; 2073907593) because I'd so much rather wear those bad boys on a shirt than my feet.


Pagano DesignWorks said...

I might just need that high top tee! I missed that one in the chaos that is F21 online...

sweetsy said...

^Ha I totally agree:) It's hard to search through all that stuff! These are super fun and cute "to boot" (I did not just say that!)

Anonymous said...

Luve the boots with that outfit!