Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dressed to Distress

This is Take 2 on the ripped jeans.

In a previous post (see "Shredded Wear" from Aug. 21, 2009), I talked about how I couldn't keep the ripped jeans I bought, though they were so en vogue, because I was paranoid about them. Worried they'd rip even more. I just couldn't handle the pressure.

Well, a sample sale gifted me with these Current/Elliott slouched crop jeans for $20. Nothing like a super sale to make me rethink my values. So, I gave the trend another shot. Still feeling a little paranoid, but I plan to reinforce the rip with a patch. That'll make me feel better.

In the meantime, as much as I think the ripped/distressed look is cute, I'd prefer to not look like an extra from "Slumdog Millionaire." So, I think dressing up — cute, frilly top and three-quarter sleeve cardi — is a good way to balance the extremely casual look of well-worn denim. The boots bitch up the girlish top.

The outfit: Michael Stars cardigan, J. Crew watercolor "Lydia" blouse, Current/Elliott cropped jeans, Sweet Life by Dolce Vita peep-toe booties from Urban Outfitters.

P.S. Even headless, I find it incredibly painful to pose for photos. How do those celebs do it?


Desert Flower said...

Love the colors!! And the jeans are fabulous. I cannot believe they were $20.

Ady said...

For twenty bucks I might considered distressed jeans too. I am afraid that I couldn't rock the look like this though. I might feel awkward.

sweetsy said...

I think you look great and I agree with the girly vibe on top to balance it out. Love that orange MS sweater with the Lydia. I must find that color to wear with looks gorgeous (and for Spring!) I usually wear a deep bluish-purple jackie.

Anonymous said...

Slammin' outfit! I frequently wear distressed jeans with pretty tops and nice shoes! One of my favorite "looks!" Those shoes are TDF!