Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hopping on the Taupe-Colored Bandwagon

Uncle! Uncle!

OK, I give.

Now that every March magazine issue that's been stuffed into the mailbox in the past few weeks has spotlighted taupe nail polish, I had to try.

Attempts to find OPI's Over the Taupe and a Sally Hansen shade called Commander in Chief failed. I'm intrigued by RGB's Toast, which reportedly started the trend, but, it's $14. Not that I couldn't rationalize paying that much for a nail polish because it does last for a long, long time. Have you ever run out of a polish? Me neither.

But, I'd rather go cheap on a trend. Luckily I found Orly on sale for $4.99 (plus I had a coupon) at Ulta.

The Orly color is called, inexplicably, Prince Charming. Nail polish color names are always a little odd, but at least OPI's tend to be clever puns. Quite frankly, I'd be worried about any dude galloping in on a white steed with a complexion like wet cement. I'd be calling for a doctor — not a preacher.

But anyway, while the shade would look less than fetching on a prince, the mushroom-y, putty-ish hue is quite lovely on nails. It's neutral, but with a little oomph. I like it.

And, let me officially give ample props to those bloggers who do polish reviews and post nice pictures of their nails. Good job! It's hard to shoot hands and have them look normal, as you can see from my less-than-fab, um, handiwork.

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