Friday, February 12, 2010

A Valentine Shoe 'Ku

Do I love Simple?
Ah, well let me count the pairs
One, two, three* — so yes!

Simple Satire, a truly great shoe for doing podiatric penance (i.e., I can put my orthotics in them after a week of wearing heels).

*I actually have three more pairs of Simple skimmers and one pair of Simple peep-toe flats. I think I've blogged them; they're cute.


Ady said...

These are cute! I can't picture wearing them with any of my clothes though. I need to see them styled! :)

Kcookski said...

oooooh, a challenge. ok, ady...stay tuned. :)

sweetsy said...

Yes...they do look very cute but I need some IRL OTD's...stat;)