Monday, July 13, 2009

Cool time-suck

I love those sale mails, you know, the e-mails that tell you all the neat, cheap stuff. I already get "Shop it to me" alerts, but the latest discovery is
This site first lets you define your style profile (I would be edgy California casual), and then you get to select a bunch of stuff you like, clothes, tops, dresses, pants. Covet sees what you like and sends tailored sale e-mails.
Your personalized e-mails then allow you to click onto a heart — meaning you like it — or broken heart (hate it!). It's fun, but can easily turn time-consuming with alllll the merchandise it picks out for ya.
For the most part, Covet has done a good job, although it did include a pair of Birkenstocks on its first e-mail to me. Yeah, I set the site straight. Never, not even with all my podiatric surgeries.


Desert Flower said...

I thinl Covet is pretty cool! There is some other service like it, can't remember the name, which didn't give me choices as focused. And thank God you won't go for the Birks.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

I better not get started.
Anyone play with Polyvore? I am having trouble getting my own things to load in, but there are lots of items already there to play dress up with. You create outfits, kind of like cutting out magazine picture posters.

B. said...

Wow. Covet is so cool. I'm already sucked in. Thanks!