Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hanging in my closet

So, a recent Lucky mag issue featured this gorgeous DVF peach jacket. I fell head over heels. Loved how it was styled and decided I must have it. Must.
Well after sleuthing around the Internet, come to find out that the jacket wasn't even in production (that's one of the things I despise about fashion mags — they feature things that may or may not be available). Eventually, DVF did put a silver jacket into production. It's hideous. This looks more like foil and space age-y while the peach jacket was soft and feminine and not so avant-garde.
Being the obsessive type, I hunted and hunted and hunted and actually found a very similar jacket to the peach, shimmery jacket. By Ideeen, it's a nude-gold trench and very soft. I found it completely by accident on a random New York-based Web site. Because I had to have it, I ordered it. Two months ago. The jacket is still hanging in the closet, waiting to be worn. I'm a little scared.

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Pagano DesignWorks said...

I love the one you found! Forgotten you bought it. Maybe try it with a beater and jeans? I am not sure about the drawstring hem...would it be better to take the string out and belt it?