Sunday, July 5, 2009

Major scoopage

This just in....H & M - the inexpensive clothing powerhouse and one of my all-time favorite, favorite stores - is coming to Tucson.
Huge news. HUGE.
We've been waiting for a year for the chain to finally open in Scottsdale. You know how it goes with construction, delays, delays. Originally set to open in spring of this year, the opening - near Kierland Commons - is set for fall now.
H & M is supposed to open at the Tucson Mall. No word yet exactly where or when, but it should be soon. Here's to hoping it's well before the November debut of Jimmy Choo's special H & M line.


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Desert Flower said...

This is the best news I've had all day! Woo hoo!

jacquelyn said...

Sweet Jesus. This news seriously made my day. What with Benetton finally coming to the Tucson Mall (though the facade has been up forever!) now all I need is Nordstrom. And Martin & Osa. And a few others. And for Tucson Mall to lose some of its downmarket attitude and clean up a bit. Seriously.