Monday, July 27, 2009

So blue

It's every kid's favorite color.
It's the sky, the ocean.
We're talking blue.
And while it can mean that you're feeling sad and mopey, isn't it better to think of such a lovely shade as the way to pop an outfit? Pairing a blue jacket or cardi with, say, a black-and-white dress is less expected than red and more inviting, too.
Here are some things I'm pining for....
Young, Fabulous & Broke Zipper Coat: Aside from the amazing shade of this coat, it's lined in silk with a cool bird print. The only hesitation (aside from the $220 price tag) is it's a little prize fighter looking. Still, that color and lining are amazing.
Silence & Noise Moto Jacket: The perfect blue, at least according to my computer screen, this cotton moto jacket is also edgy cool.
Coincidence & Chance cardi: A lighter hue, this cardi looks gentle, approachable. The funny part is the shade is called "trailer." As in trailer trash? It doesn't really look like something you'd pull on to wear around the mobile-home park.

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