Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crewlicious offerings

So much for my strike.
Damn you, J Crew.... Why do I love you so?
I've chronicled my whole love-hate thing with the fashion juggernaut (see previous posting "Unrequited Love"), and I was bound and determined not to have a balance on the Crack card out of sheer bitterness over the Return of the Final Sale and the exorbitant shipping rates.
Then the new catalog came.
Picture me shaking my fist in the air like a grumpy old man. Nearly every page in the catalog is dog-eared. I'm like a moth drawn to the light. The very expensive light.
I mean, the Crack is pulling out all the stops to lure me back. A slouchy tee with ruching at the shoulders? That is not yet in my bottomless jersey collection. There's even camel hair in the Pointelle Twilight-Stripe V-neck cardigan. That's just playing dirty.
Actually, I don't even know if camel hair is sumptuous or not, but it sure is a cute sweater.
I already own two versions of the sherpa hoodie, but now it comes in BUFF PINK. Not BABY but BUFF. How can I not have that?
The Herringbone Field pant is totally me.
Look what this store does! My heart-rate is up, my breathing is shallow. Where is that damn Crew card?!

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Desert Flower said...

This is why they call it CRACK. Its addictive and whenever we try to get away it draws us back in.