Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting my Lohan on

Personal style changes, evolves.
What you love and wear in your teens isn't what you'll throw on 20 years later. And if you do, that's how you end up on "What Not To Wear."
Lately, pieces with edge are incredibly appealing — a peep-toe bootie with buckles, a leather bracelet punked out with chains and metal.
This isn't like me. I gravitate toward ruffles and feminine touches, very Anthropologie.
I'm not sure why my inner bitch is threatening to bust free. Perhaps it's pent-up frustration over being a shut-in?
Well, I've decided to embrace the biker chick within. Because done appropriately (see Carrie Bradshaw in her studded Dior gladiators and tough black belt in the "Sex and The City" movie), it's a good look.
I'd been obsessing for weeks — WEEKS — over the Sweet Life by Dolce Vita boots and leather-metal bracelet at Urban Outfitters. After getting the Who What Wear e-mail showing actress Jessica Szohr in the same boots, I knew I did need them. And that cool, tribal-looking skirt she's wearing, too.
I'm excited — Fed Ex tracking says my prizes arrive in a few days.
Maybe by just looking a little tougher, it'll keep me from going all Tyra and acting tougher.

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